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National University of Life and Environmental
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"Irpen Economic College"
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1956      By order of Ministry of Agriculture of the USSR of July 27, number 483,          

Irpin Agricultural Technical College of Bookkeeping was established. The  training by speciality “Accounting” was started.

1992      By order of Ministry of Agriculture and Provisions of  Ukraine of September 

29, 1992,  number 103,  Irpin  Agricultural  Technical   College  of Bookkeeping  was     given a new name Irpin Economic Technical College.

1998   By State Accreditation Committee Resolution of December 8, 1998, the educational  establishment was given the status of college.

2005   By resolution of National Agricultural University academic council of December 30, 2004 and National Agricultural University order of January 20, 2005, number 21, Irpin Economic College was reorganised into separated structural subdivision  of  National Agricultural University  “Irpin Econonic College”.

2008      By rector order of  November  11, 2008, number 759, “About measures concerning the execution of Cabinet resolution of Ukraine of October 30, 2008, number 945, the educational establishment  was given      a new name Separated Subdivision of National University of Life and Environmental Science of Ukraine “Irpin Economic College”.