Separate division
National University of Life and Environmental
Sciences Ukraine
"Irpen Economic College"
25 лю­то­го ко­ледж відсвят­ку­вав Ко­лодія.
Yesterday at 20:58
25 лю­то­го відбу­ла­ся зустріч сту­дентів ко­ле­джу з до­цен­том ка­фед­ри обліку і опо­дат­ку­ван­ня НУБіП України Во­ло­ди­ми­ром Лит­ви­нен­ком
Yesterday at 20:52
Для сту­дентів ко­ле­джу спеціаль­ності «Фінан­си, банківсь­ка спра­ва та страху­ван­ня» керівник відділу кадрів ПАТ КБ «При­ват­банк» про­ве­ла пре­зен­тацію он­лайн-прак­ти­ки.
Yesterday at 20:50
21 лю­то­го у рам­ках про­форієнтаційно­го проєкту «Зи­мо­ва шко­ла – 2020» ви­кла­дачі ко­ле­джу про­ве­ли інтер­ак­тив­ну вікто­ри­ну з фінан­со­вої гра­мот­ності для учнів 9-Б кла­су Ірпінсь­кої СЗОШ І-ІІІ сту­пенів з пог­ли...
22 february 2020, 20:43
21 лю­то­го 2020 ро­ку сту­ден­ти ко­ле­джу відзна­чи­ли Міжна­род­ний день рідної мо­ви
22 february 2020, 20:38
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Separated subdivision of the National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine “Irpin Economic College” is an educational foundation which has an advanced academic and resource basis for training future specialists.

College facilities: four buildings for academic purposes and social infrastructure. To support an educational process, in addition to classrooms and study rooms 15 computer classes are equipped, 18 multimedia lecture halls (including three remote learning for on-line lectures from Kyiv territorial centre of National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine), 7 lecture halls (capacity 100), publishing centre, “Methodical Board” room, conference room.

The social infrastructure sufficiently meets the requirements of the members of educational process. There are two museums − about the history of college and “Ukrainska Svitlytsia” (ethnographic museum), one assembly hall (capacity 280) and two gyms. Stadium and sport ground are places where general college mass and sport events are held.

Five-storey hostel (capacity 360) for students from other areas fully meets the accommodation demands.

Medical provision includes aid post, therapeutic, manipulation and physiotherapeutic procedure rooms.

The canteen’s capacity is for 160 diners.

To increase the security of educational process video surveillance cameras are installed on the whole territory of campus.